About Us

The Finicky Colorist was started in May 2018 under the umbrella of World Of AVK, out of Rishika Kapoor’s interest in art and fashion both, especially immense love for painting flowers. What initially started from stitching a single shirt and then meticulously hand painting it for herself and all the near ones to receiving orders from unknown new people. The designer's goal has always been to give to the customer a product that radiates positivity. Gifting someone a hand-painted floral TFC product is just like gifting them a bunch of flowers which add joy to their life.

The Finicky Colorist is a handcrafted clothing brand that specialises in hand painted clothing, essentially floral. 

Each piece we make has its own journey from being hand sketched first to coming to life using a paint brush. We make one-of-a-kind unique pieces which are perfect to make anyone feel special. We stand by our extremely feminine aesthetics and botanically inspired prints. Each piece you buy from us is a completely original piece of wearable art, every petal, every detail to every symbolic element.

You will love the uniqueness and details of the customized shrugs, tops, dresses and jackets, featuring hand-painted gerberas, lilies, Rangoon creepers, orchids and the whole scented garden. 


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